These books were written by Granville W. Tyler during his 65 years as a gospel minister and were first used in Bible classes that he taught over the years. They are now used by groups and individuals all over the United States and in foreign mission fields.

The lessons are a systematic study, a survey course, covering the entire Bible. Nine volumes cover the Old Testament and three volumes cover the New Testament. There are also three volumes of A Study of the Short Epistles and eight volumes of Young People's Lessons.

Each lesson is made up of various types of questions such as, answer in few words, fill in the blanks, true or false, multiple choice, etc. All questions can be answered directly from the Holy Scriptures. There is no commentary or personal interpretation by the author.

Below is a sample from the first lesson in Genesis:


Lesson 1

(Scriptures Covered: Gen. 1 through 5)

Answer Plainly in Few Words

  1. When did God create the heavens and the earth?----------------------------------------------------------------------. What was the earth's condition at first?------------------------------------------------------------------------------.
  2. What was made each day? (1)--------------------------------------------------- (2)----------------------------------------------------(3) --------------------------------------------------------------------------(4)-------------------------------------------------------(5)-----------------------------------------------------(6)----------------------------------------------(7)------------------------------------------------------------.
  3. What are God's first recorded spoken words? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Fill In Blanks With Proper Words

  1. While darkness prevailed the -------------------------- ----------------------------- ------------------------ moved upon the face of the ------------------------------------------------.
  2. God decreed that every living thing should bring forth --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.
  3. The ------------------------------is mentioned as the fourth river rising from Eden.

Write "True" Or "False" In Blanks

  1. -------------------- Light appeared before the sun and moon are mentioned.
  2. -------------------- More than one person of the Godhead had part in the creation.
  3. -------------------- The expressions, "God said", appears ten times in Genesis l.

Write "Yes" Or "No" In Blanks

  1. ---------- Did God call the light day and darkness night?
  2. ---------- Does the Bible teach that man was made in God's image?
  3. ----------Is God's blessing the seventh day mentioned in Genesis?